Fans of the pirate theme voted for “Armada Port”

Company Lego for a long time it has not spoiled lovers of “pirate” sets with novelties. Perhaps that is why 10 thousand visitors to the site LEGO Ideas voted for the Port of Armada project, awarding it a ticket to the final of an open competition of ideas. Recall that it will be summed up in the second review of author’s works this fall.

The author of the “brick” model is a design fan under the nickname BrickHammer, teacher Florian from Germany. He proposes to build an old Spanish port on the coast of the South Sea out of 2980 “bricks”. The package includes 4 miniature figures – warriors in chain mail armed with muskets and sabers, as well as figures of three parrots and one monkey.

The main structure is a multi-level structure with fortified walls. A small berth of the port is capable of receiving small barges with goods on board – a kind of device in the form of a crane with a lifting mechanism is provided for their unloading. So heavy cargo from a large moored boat is easily moved to an open warehouse located in the port area.

The Port of Armada project was supported by 10,000 connoisseurs of the pirate theme and Lego construction

Near the pier there is a small tavern where sailors can have a bite to eat and a glass of their favorite rum.

The buildings that are part of the Armada Port are for various purposes – from living rooms to office premises. The most important of them are located on the upper level – this becomes clear from the fact that the doors to the top are guarded by a soldier.

The fact is that at this level are:

  • the governor’s office with nautical charts on the table;
  • a resting place for soldiers, combined with an armory, where there is a set of sabers;
  • gun platform with a cannon, the huge barrel of which is directed towards the sea.

There are also small towers: one is for monitoring coastal waters, and the second has a bell to sound an alarm when approaching the port of pirate ships.

The game location turns out to be quite large-scale, since the dimensions of the model are about 38 cm long, 38 cm wide and about 24 cm high.

The Port of Armada project was supported by 10,000 connoisseurs of the pirate theme and Lego construction

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