Fans of Star Wars sets will be pleased with new items


The Danish manufacturer has officially unveiled 2 new “star” constructors, which will be on sale from January 1, 2022. They are released as an accompaniment to the sensational even before the appearance of the set 75313 LEGO Star Wars AT-ATsince according to the game plot they will well complement the huge model of the walker.

75320 LEGO Star Wars Snowmobile Battle Set

The Lego set will allow Star Wars fans to join the ranks of the Imperial army. For example, these 4 minifigures with all their weapons can easily fit inside a massive AT-AT combat vehicle from 75313. There is enough space in it, but there is a shortage in the soldiers.

The most significant thing in this kit will be that the weapons of miniature warriors are significantly updated – now they will be as close as possible in their design to the blasters used by the heroes of the original film. This constructor is especially valuable.

It should be remembered here that in earlier sets, the weapons corresponded to the on-screen prototypes. However, starting from 2014, in the thematic lineup they began to be replaced by the so-called stud shooters, which looked more impressive. In that case, why is Lego ditching classic shooter games and bringing back old versions of weapons to star warriors? Some bloggers suggest that the Danish company is proceeding from the fact that fans of the Star Wars series are getting older, and they are more scrupulous in matters of resemblance to the original. Stud shooters are more for collectors. They may be impressive from a technical point of view, but with Star Wars characters they look a little awkward.

75322 LEGO Star Wars Hoth: AT-ST

75322 LEGO Star Wars Hoth: AT-ST

The second constructor is dedicated to the bipedal AT-ST model. Some Star Wars fans are frankly surprised by the very fact of the appearance of such a constructor. Because in the series “The Empire Strikes Back” of the trilogy, this war machine is given only 2 seconds of screen time. So most viewers do not even have time to consider this miracle of military equipment. But be that as it may, the first incarnation of the original walker in cubes in the history of the Danish company deserves attention. Moreover, the model is endowed with a good gaming potential: an opening hatch to the cockpit, a rotating head, movable legs. With such functionality, the bipedal walker will attract the attention of the younger generation.

Plus, the kit includes miniature figures of a snowy Chewbaki, a rebel army soldier from the ice planet Hoth and a walker pilot.

With the help of models and minifigures, the owners of the two sets reviewed can realistically recreate scenes from the cult movie regarding the Battle of Hoth.


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