Fans are waiting for LEGO Marvel Iron Man minifigure


In 2019, fans the popular Marvel line The Danish company has hinted at the development of a completely new armor for superheroes. This was indirectly demonstrated in the 76125 LEGO Marvel Iron Man Lab Core Model.

In the presented hall of armor, new developments were reflected in the form of a schematic image on the glass doors of the sections for storing armored suits. It was then that the attentive owners of the toy drew attention to an unknown version of the costume. superhero named Striker.

76125 LEGO Marvel Iron Man Lab.

However, in the future, the novelty shown was not implemented in real sets, which fans of the theme are very sorry about.

Meanwhile, references to new armor appeared 2 more times:

  • set 76167 LEGO Marvel Iron Man Arsenalwhich came out in 2020,
  • as well as in the seasonal edition 76196 LEGO┬« Marvel Avengers Advent Calendar.

Why do superheroes still appear in old armor in regular themed sets? The question that worries many fans seems to have been heard by the designers of the Danish company. This conclusion is prompted by the pictures published on the Hot Toys thematic blog (link: where the superhero is shown wearing modified armor. The design of the new Stryker suit is almost entirely black armor. In the hands of a superhero, a pair of pneumatic jackhammers. In general, by design, it demonstrates an attacking hero. For many fans, these photos are confirmation that after almost 3 years, the Lego company decided to translate the update of armored suits into real projects.

New LEGO Marvel Iron Man minifigure could be a reality

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