Expected novelties of the summer 2022 in the series “Harry Potter”


Earlier we already talked about the fact that in 2022 The popular line of Harry Potter sets will be replenished a number of interesting designers. And already in March. And now there is information about the novelties of the second half of the year. According to these reports, nine more sets in the Lego series about the young wizard are expected to go on sale in mid-summer.

The primary source of this news, the Promobricks website, indicates only their article numbers and the approximate cost of each set in US dollars. Moreover, only some of them are given with names. No details are given about what they will be in terms of the number of parts, prefabricated models, miniature figures.

The topic for discussion by commentators was the prices of new products, which start at $19.99 (1480 rubles) and end at $469.99 (3478 rubles). The last figure is the object of the closest attention of fans of the “world of cubes”. And this is understandable, because if the rumors are true, then the next LEGO D2C set will be the most expensive in the Harry Potter line. Until now, the exclusive designer was considered the undisputed leader in terms of price. 75978 LEGO Harry Potter Diagon Alleywhich was sold at a price of 399.99 dollars (29,599 rubles).

Recall that reports of new products are still at the level of rumors. Of the four presented earlier today, only the set has received official confirmation. 76399 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Magic Chest.


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