EV3 Crawler Drive Platform

In the educational set of the Mindstorms Education EV3 constructor, all robotics training in the classroom is carried out using a drive platform, on wheels. I wanted to make exactly the same platform so that all the sensors could be installed on it in the same way, but only that it moved with the help of tracks.

Attaching tracks to the EV3 drive platform

The result is such a platform. The height of the platform has decreased by about 4.5 mm, so the color sensor must be raised by 1 division, for example, to follow a line. Of course, then it turns out to be a bit high, but it still works. Instead of the standard attachment to the drive platform, you will need to do, for example, this:

Attaching the Color Sensor to the EV3 Drive Base with Tracks

Other than the color sensor, all other sensors and capture work fine. They can also be attached to the platform all at once, as seen in the video.

Now for the details. Parts used from educational starter kit Core Set LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3you don’t need any additional details. See assembly instructions for a complete list.

So here are the instructions for building the EV3 Drive Base on the Track.


And here, just in case, instructions for assembling a standard drive platform. There are also instructions for attaching the sensors.

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