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A new contender for the status of the official set of the Danish company was the project of Thomas Carlier from Switzerland called Escape from the Game: Carter’s Secret. He was selected for the second (autumn) review of 2022 by an open vote of site visitors LEGO Ideas.

This project is interesting in that it proposes to build a game location based on the plot of the Escape Game video games, which means “Escape Game”. In the network, such games began to spread after the appearance of the “Crimson Room” by the Japanese Toshimitsu Takagi in 2004. The participants of the game find themselves in a trap from which they need to get out by solving various puzzles.

10,000 Lego fans support Escape the Game: Carter's Secret

And so the construction fan decided to transfer this fascinating idea to the “world of cubes”. The task is not easy, but the author managed to cope with it. Assembled from 2919 pieces, the game location turns into an entertaining tabletop version of the Escape Game in the form of a house measuring about 34 cm long, 22 cm wide and about 27 cm high. All events will unfold within this space.

According to the plot, the landlord is in an extremely difficult situation and he should be helped to solve the problems that have arisen in 60 minutes. The model is fraught with various traps and puzzles – you have to find and get around 15 different obstacles. The main mission is to find a light bulb on the second floor and use it to activate a large telescope.

Over the past 10 years, such prefabricated toys have practically not been produced in the main assortment of the Danish manufacturer. The latest versions of online games appeared in 2013. If we take this fact into account, then the author’s project “Escape from the Game: Carter’s Secret” has excellent chances of being noticed by experts and designers Lego. And this means that a fan idea can turn into a real constructor.

10,000 Lego fans support Escape the Game: Carter's Secret

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