Entertaining puzzle and calendars in LEGO style

Fans of “Lego” have prepared an entertaining puzzle and calendars

We have already announced plans independent Chronicle Books, which cooperates with a Danish company. Recall that this year partner “Lego” announced the publication three books: LEGO. Minifigure Art”, “LEGO. Create Every Day: Ignite Your Creativity and Find Your Flow” and “The LEGO Master Builder’s Notebook”.

Along with them, 3 more publishing projects of interest to construction fans will be implemented in the near future.

Entertaining puzzle in the style of “Lego” (H2)

Puzzle lovers will enjoy a real 1000-piece puzzle called “Space Minifigure Mission”. If only because they had never seen anything like it before. Creative “painting” Crafted with colorful astronaut minifigures. The puzzle was designed by Lego fans and was competitively selected on the LEGO Ideas website.

Wall calendar and planner calendar for 2023 (H2)

The next two projects publishers Chronicle Books concern the next year. The first one is “LEGO® Wall Calendar 2023”. Fans of the “world of cubes” are offered a special calendar that allows them to enjoy bright pictures for all twelve months. They are based on models, patterns and miniature figures from classic and modern Lego sets.

Second LEGO calendar “Daily Assemblies for 2023” designed to play a dual role in the everyday life of a construction fan. Firstly, this is a regular full-color calendar for every day and month. Secondly, the presence of daily useful tips and various building ideas on the sheets of the calendar turns the calendar into a convenient working tool for planning the creative process.

Fans of

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