Details and models in Lego stores

How are parts and models sold in Lego branded stores?

Company Stores Lego use a variety of ways to attract fans of design. Now some of them have actively begun to revive the concept of self-service. This method of selling the assembly material until 2020 fully justified itself, but recently it has been banned due to anti-COVID restrictions. Since then, the procedure for selecting materials has been completely carried out by service personnel.

Now, in some Lego stores, customers are once again able to buy loose building bricks on their own. To do this, direct access to sales stands with rounded transparent cups, which are filled with various and multi-colored details, opens up. Therefore, they themselves choose the cubes they like and “pour” the parts into separate bags in the right amount.

The service, popular in the recent past, is also being revived in stores Build a Minifiguretranslated into Russian – “Build a minifigure.” This allows any customer to remotely visit a virtual creative workshop before visiting a retail outlet. Here you can assemble a miniature figure from the prefabricated parts provided in the assortment of the store, parts and some accessories that match the image. After the goal is reached, you can go to the store or order the delivery of a custom-made toy.

How are parts and models sold in Lego branded stores?


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