Create a mini dinosaur museum at home! from the world of LEGO


On September 1, official sales of four newly-made constructors will start. All of them are from the LEGO Jurassic World series, dedicated to the characters and figures of Jurassic World predators. Of greatest interest among them is the set LEGO 76940 T. Rex Skeleton at the Fossil Show.

There were no such designers in this series! It can be safely attributed to the original novelties of September. If the previous buildable toys in this series allowed you to become the owners of “live” dinosaurs with an adventure game plot, now young fans of construction are offered a set with more educational elements. By assembling a 29cm Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, they learn more about this unique dinosaur.

Along with the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the set includes baby Triceratops minifigures and 2 minifigures of the series characters Darius and Owen Grady. As conceived by the authors of the project, all of them are at the fossil exhibition. So the child has the opportunity to test himself in the role of a real paleontologist. To do this, a special demonstration stand, a pointer and other themed accessories are at his disposal.

If the release of such sets continues, then everyone will be able to open their own mini-exhibition of the skeletons of ancient lizards.


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