Collection of new miniature models will appear in Lego

According to some bloggers, the designer coming out in August 40521 LEGO Disney Haunted Mansion, prompts interesting thoughts. It is possible that in the “world of cubes” a new collection of Disneyland models is being born.

As it became known, this unusual collection will feature miniature analogues of rides that exist on a larger scale in theme parks. The first such set should be called last year’s set 40478 LEGO Disney Disney Castle in miniature”, which presented Cinderella’s mini-castle. This year, the creators of prefabricated toys are offering fans of the famous Disney Magic Kingdom park an interesting novelty, which is already being called the successor to the aforementioned constructor. The owners of the new set will have the opportunity to build a 14 cm high mini-mansion out of 680 “bricks” on a square construction site measuring 12 by 12 cm.

Despite such small dimensions, the model as a result turns out to be quite detailed and is a good version of the cult attraction. “Disneyland”. There is no back wall in the structure, so it is easy to look inside the building and remember the eerie details associated with this mansion.

Not only the appearance deserves special admiration, but also the awesome atmosphere conveyed by:

  • in a dining setting
  • in some items, for example, a chandelier, furniture;
  • in a gallery of paintings of hitchhiking ghosts, Madame Leota and the Keeper of the Graves.

This set will be a very attractive option for collectors. Moreover, an exclusive miniature figure of the butler comes with the mini-house.

Lego expects a new collection of miniatures

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