Chevrolet Camaro model released in the LEGO Creator Expert line

  • Company Lego announced the release of the designer 10304 LEGO Creator Expert “Chevrolet Camaro Z/28” 1969. It will appear on the shelves of the official online store of the brand in early August.

Constructed from the parts of a new set, this is an amazing replica of the iconic car. The model will be the third retro car of the thematic line this year. Therefore, the inrushka is of great interest – both among fans of technical kits and collectors of toy cars.

The kit will be offered to buyers in a black box with spectacular images, typical for designers of the 18+ category.

Constructed from 1,456 parts, the car is a stunning, detailed recreation of the original Camaro in a toy version:

  • the car looks especially impressive in the convertible version: black body and interior with contrasting dark red seats:
  • at the same time, the owners of the toy have the opportunity to complement the color scheme of the body with distinctive accents of white, dark gray or dark red racing stripes:
  • along with the fact that the car can be assembled either with a roof or without a roof, the car enthusiast will also have the choice of the shape of the front pairs – they can be made open or closed.

Thus, it turns out that you can build a model by choosing one of the three options that are shown on the back of the branded box.

The scale of the combined model is 1:13, or otherwise the dimensions of the Camaro are as follows:

  • 35.5 cm long,
  • 14 cm wide,
  • 9.5 cm high.

This allowed the developers of a copy of the iconic vehicle to endow it with several nice features. In particular, it has functional steering. Accurately copied silver wheel rims. The equivalent of the turbocharged 302 Turbo engine will delight – you can see it in detail when you open the hood.

In conclusion, about the cost of new items: the price will be 169.99 euros.

The third car in the 2022 LEGO Creator Expert line will be the Chevrolet Camaro

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