Freight train from Lepin 02009. Cargo motorized train Lepin with control panel.

Freight train from Lepin 02009. Cargo motorized train Lepin with control panel.


Hello. Today let’s look at the freight train from Lepin, which is a complete analogue of the popular LEGO railway set.

The set includes a 108-page manual with good colorful printing. In terms of quality and clarity, the instructions are in no way inferior to LEGO sets. The assembly was numbered 02009, while the original was issued under the number 60098. The back of the instructions shows the game history.

The set includes 10 straight and 14 rounded rails for the composition to make a circle. I ordered 60 more straight rails from the same seller to cover the whole room with railroad tracks, but only 10 extra rails arrived, so I have to wait another two weeks. By the way, the length of one block of rails is 15 cm. For fans of LEGO trains, on AliExpress you can order a huge number of very cheap rail modules and build a huge railway. Link to the cheapest rails

with Aliexpress


The set comes without a box, but it has a fairly good packaging that will not allow the parts to break during the delivery process. The set is fully motorized. To do this, the set includes a motorized wheelset, a receiver for the remote control, the remote control itself and a compartment for six batteries that power the train. Also, three batteries are required to power the remote control.

The kit involves the assembly of a red lead locomotive, which weighs almost half a kilogram, so in order for the train to go fast, you will need to buy powerful batteries or accumulators. The length of the locomotive, measured by the wheelbase, is as much as 27 cm.

The structure includes a long platform that carries an excavator. This is one of the easiest rolling stock components to assemble in a set. Both buckets move at the excavator, which, according to the set, should unload crushed stone from the next car.

Further, the heaviest car in the composition, which contains the largest number of parts. The car transports and unloads crushed stone or coal; for this, the car has two opening unloading blocks and an open roof for loading material. According to the game idea, this wagon unloads the crushed stone into a special pit, after which the excavator captures the crushed stone and transports it to the construction of the crossing.

The last is the smallest and simplest cart carrying a helicopter. It is not entirely clear how the helicopter refers to the “game legend”. There is an assumption that the helicopter coordinates the work on the repair and construction of various kinds of objects.

A separate element of the assembly is a crane that allows you to load crushed stone into the car. The crane is on the platform and can move within it. Next to it is a separate platform where the unloading of brought materials is carried out. Crane buckets can be replaced with a hook for lifting and moving a helicopter.

Finally, the kit includes a small crossing with two semaphores, made of two sloping modules and smooth parts. It is necessary to install the crossing between two straight rails, otherwise the train on the turn can touch the edges of the crossing with its wheels and even go off the rails.

As a result, the set is very good and can be safely recommended for purchase, as it is four times cheaper than the original from LEGO, and the quality of the parts practically does not affect the game mechanics. As for the rails, here you can save on their quality by ordering from China. More details can be found in the video review. Thank you for your attention. Good luck and good mood to all. Bye.

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