Buyers of “Lego” will receive a set “Kitchen of the family estate Larsa” as a gift

Among the May novelties of Lego, it will be difficult for fans of the “world of cubes” and the theme of “Star Wars” to ignore the designer 40531 LEGO Star Wars Lars Family Manor Kitchen. And not only because it will be awarded free of charge to all buyers of buildable toys as part of the LEGO May the 4th Galaxy Day promotion, who purchase sets for a total of 160 euros or 1300 rubles (only purchases made in the official online store are taken into account Lego).

The main attraction of this novelty is that it is truly exclusive. 18 year old film and construction fans will get a chic “brick” set!

Assembled from 195 parts, the design will be a mini-diorama. The toy for adults allows you to recreate a fragment of the kitchen of the Lars family, with whom the audience had the opportunity to meet in the fourth episode of the film. Star Wars: A New Hope. The diorama consists of two walls, kitchen furniture, crockery and cutlery.

However, the most important feature of the collection set should be considered not the model of the kitchen, but the minifigure of its owner, Aunt Beru. The fact is that she will appear before the fans of the cult film for the first time in 23 years of the existence of the thematic line. LEGO Star Wars.

“Kitchen of the Larsa Family Manor” is a free new product in May for Lego customers

Manufacturers of designers and Lego minifigures know how to surprise their fans. And very soon we will tell you about the next surprises of the company.

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