“Brick” version of the Tarot Arcana at number nine

The idea for a creative embodiment with the help of cubes of an object or character for construction fans can be a variety of primary sources. Sometimes finds of real artists Lego amaze those around them with their supreme originality.

For example, the American Ted Andes was inspired to develop the author’s model by the ninth card of the Major Arcana Tarot. Why the Hermit from the world of divination became a role model for him is still a secret. But the fact that he created a fantastic divination “card” is beyond doubt.

The “brick” version from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck quite realistically recreates the image of the old hermit, as he is depicted on the original card. A hermit in a black robe stands on top of a mountain. In his left hand he carries a staff to help him navigate the narrow paths when the old man seeks enlightenment. In his right raised hand, the Hermit has the same lit lantern with a six-pointed star, with which he directs unknowing people to the true path.

The author of the presented model transferred to the “world of cubes” not only the external image of the famous card, but at the same time hints at its significance in the Tarot deck. Looking at the “brick” creation of Ted Andes, one begins to involuntarily think that the time has come when you need to look inside yourself and determine what needs to be revised. Indeed, often the answers to life’s questions can only be found through internal introspection. So it turns out that design fans are not only creators, but also a little philosophers.

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