Bouquet of flowers from Lego botanical collection


Amazon announced the sale of the original designer 10280 lego Bouquet of flowers with a 20 percent discount. The most beautiful Lego set sells for $40, which is $10 less than the original cost.

The set will be an interesting acquisition for fans of construction and connoisseurs of beauty in the age category from 18+. In general, it can be called exotic, because the designers of the Danish company have not yet offered anything like this to their consumers. The constructor is included in the relatively new Botanical Collection, which Lego presented only at the end of last year, and new items appeared on store shelves in 2021.

So, what is a legov bouquet of flowers?

Its composition includes:

  • 6 different flowers of different heights (the tallest flower is 36 cm);
  • 2 decorative ornaments from branches of a green bush and a pterodactyl;
  • And, attention, the vase depicted on the front side of the branded box is not included in the kit.

It should be noted that the bouquet created from Lego parts perfectly reproduces real flowers. It brightly combines rose, snapdragon, poppy, aster, daisy and herbs with its colors and shapes. This combination looks amazing! Therefore, this bouquet can be presented as a unique gift to relatives and friends, or used as an original decoration for home or office. Individual elements of artificial flowers are customizable, which means they give the owner the opportunity to create a unique composition.


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