Big LEGO Therizinosaurus Expected


According to the information available today, in the line of sets of the series “Jurassic World” The Danish company “Lego” plans to release only 11 new products. Some of them have already appeared on sale a month ago, others are expected in April.

Almost all of these themed construction sets are based on the film World Domination of the Worldly Period, the release of which on wide screens is eagerly awaited by many fans of the fantasy series.

Among them, the appearance of one set is planned, which will stand apart from all the others. It’s about the constructor. 76949 LEGO Jurassic World Therizinosaurus. This set introduces another brand new dinosaur to building fans. Until now, he could only be seen in the first 5 minutes of a commercial dedicated to the new Jurassic World series. And now the Therizinosaurus should materialize in the form of a large figure of cubes.

It will be the second dinosaur in the line since the beginning of this year that has not previously appeared in Lego building toys. The first little-known predator was introduced in the 76945 LEGO Jurassic World Giganotosaurus Bike Chase set, released just a month ago. By the way, the Therizinosaurus was also mentioned in his assembly manual.

The main feature of the constructor 76949 LEGO Jurassic World Therizinosaurus – the largest in the 2022 Jurassic World series, is that it will feature both Therizinosaurus and Giganotosaurus. In the new movie, they are the biggest dinosaurs. In addition, the set can be very attractive for collectors, as the buildable toy also includes rare minifigures of Alan Grant and Dr. Wu.

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