The development of children is greatly influenced by what they play with. Properly chosen toys can have a positive impact on the intelligence and emotional state of the crumbs.

This TOP toys for kids includes a number of useful things. Playing with them, the child develops logic, thinking, fine motor skills and even creativity.

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A business board game board will help develop imagination, logic and memory. It contains various objects with which the child learns to interact. It can be:

  • locking elements and all kinds of fasteners;
  • switches and buttons;
  • moving objects, modules with sound and light.

Varieties of business boards

There are several types of bodyboards designed for different ages of children and their needs:

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Mobile is one of the best toys for newborns. It is a hanging structure that is attached above the crib. The product consists of a frame, soft or plastic figures and a musical module. The mobile spins and plays a soothing tune.

Crib mobiles

Toddlers like to watch bright figures. They look at them with pleasure, and try to reach out with their hands. Mobiles develop fine motor skills, auditory and visual perception. They also soothe and help babies fall asleep faster.

Play mats

The TOP toys for up to a year necessarily include a play mat. It will be of interest to babies from the age of 3 months.

In the classic version, the design is a soft bedding with attached arcs. They contain toys, sound and luminous elements that the child will study while lying or sitting.

Developing mats for babies

Play mats help kids develop auditory, visual and tactile perception. They also stimulate independence and activity.

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Little kids love anything that moves, makes sounds, and lights up. Wheelchairs have such functions. They can have a form of transport, an animal and some object.

Rollers are divided into several types:

  • a toy with a stick that the child pushes in front of him;
  • a toy item with a rope that the baby pulls along;
  • wheelchairs, walkers, which the child can lean on when learning to walk;
  • wheelchair-trolley – performs a function similar to a walker, but also allows you to carry a small load.

Rollers and pushers

When choosing wheelchairs, the age of the child should be taken into account. Walkers are suitable for the little ones who are just learning to walk. Toys that need to be driven or pushed on their own will be of interest to older children.

soft rattles

Unlike plastic rattles, soft ones are more pleasant to the touch. In addition, they are safe. Such a rattle will not break during the game and does not injure the child.

soft rattles

A soft rattle can be an independent toy or part of a suspension that is attached to a crib or stroller. Such a product not only entertains the baby, but also helps him develop fine motor skills and a grasping reflex.

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Sorters are suitable for the development of logic and thinking. This is a fascinating product with multi-colored elements. Such toys can have almost any form. The most common are cubes and houses.

Fun sorters

Cutouts of various shapes are made in the walls of the product, in which the corresponding figures must be placed. For example, stars, hearts, circles.

Cubes and balls

The most common toys for young children are balls and blocks. They will be of interest even to those who have just learned to sit.

For babies, it is recommended to choose products made of silicone or fabric with a soft filler. They are safe and easy to care for.

Cubes and balls

Ball games develop concentration, reaction and dexterity, and cubes develop logic, perseverance and imagination. Toddlers will love toys with animals, and for older children, you can choose blocks with letters or numbers.

Teether toys

When a child begins to cut teeth, he pulls into his mouth everything that comes to hand. So that he does not gnaw everything, it is worth getting a special rodent. It is a small toy made of soft silicone or latex.

Rodent toys are of several types:

  • cooling, rattles;
  • vibrating and nipples.

Teether toys

Products must be thoroughly washed and disinfected.

Musical toys

Musical toys help in the development of hearing, sense of tact and rhythm. This category includes:

  1. Instruments – children’s piano, xylophone, drums.
  2. Tablet, toy phone.
  3. Dolls and soft toys that speak and play melodies.

Musical toys

Musical toys help to learn songs and words, entertain during wakefulness and lull to sleep.

Bath toys

Not all children love hygiene procedures. Toys will help distract the baby and make bathing more pleasant for him. It can be rubber, plastic and silicone products that do not sink. Especially popular are toys with a moving mechanism, thanks to which they swim independently. Such a boat, a dolphin or a duck will definitely amuse the baby, and turn a banal bath into an exciting game.

Bath toys

Early development is a mandatory component of the formation of personality. Therefore, the child needs to be surrounded not only with care, but also with the right objects. TOP-10 children’s toys for newborns and children up to a year will help you choose the right products. It includes the most popular and necessary products, designed not only for entertainment, but also for developing the necessary skills.

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