Baseball caps for true Lego fans

Company Lego continues to encourage the most loyal customers with a variety of souvenirs and gifts. At the same time, the assortment of gift items is regularly updated with pleasant novelties.

So, in mid-April, the company announced another promotion for all its VIP clients. According to official information, within two months, construction fans will be able to become owners of multi-colored baseball caps with themed prints.

Sports headwear with branded patterns will become available for purchase after placing an order for any of the designers Lego. When making a purchase, the user automatically receives a special promotional code that gives him access to a page with three types of baseball caps. It is reported that the company allocated 16,000 baseball caps of two types (blue and orange) for adults and 10,000 caps (yellow) for children and teenagers for this promotion. Although there are specific project deadlines, the VIP promotion may end early when stocks run out – no additional replenishments are expected.

And finally, about the value of the gift. Representatives of the adult category of buyers need to pay 2400 VIP points, or about 16 euros (about 1200 rubles), for one headdress, and 1600 VIP points for children, or about 10.67 euros (about 800 rubles). The only question is, are loyal customers willing to spend their points on almost ordinary baseball caps?

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