Attack on New Asgard Pack Officially Launched

We have already reported that at the end of April the Danish company plans to release 2 sets developed according to the plot of the new film Marvel Studios Thor: Love and Thunder. The picture will appear on cinema screens on July 8, 2022, but construction fans get the opportunity to get acquainted with its episodes and characters long before the premiere. A slight downside to this “ahead of schedule” is that it will still be difficult to assess the similarity of built models and assembled minifigures to on-screen prototypes.

The smallest among the two designers will be a play set 76207 LEGO Marvel Attack on New Asgard – it consists of only 159 building “bricks”. However, in terms of content, the set deserves great attention. What a prefabricated structure is is well disclosed in the official announcement of the online store of the Danish manufacturer.

The buildable toy includes 3 minifigures from the characters from the upcoming movie:

  • Gorra, who, according to the plot of the story, manages to summon the Shadow Monster to life;
  • Thor brandishing his Stormbreaker axe;
  • as well as the Mighty Thor, armed with the famous hammer Mjolnir.

Against the background of superheroes, the figure of a tall monster with articulated arms and claws looks impressive. At the same time, such a character is created not only for demonstration, but also endowed with good gaming capabilities. So before watching the original film, the child can easily come up with an exciting role-playing game, where all the efforts of the presented characters will be directed against a writhing, turning, grabbing and biting formidable monster.

In addition, the creators of the constructor 76207 LEGO Marvel Attack on New Asgard provided for the owners of toys a great souvenir. The set is complemented by the free LEGO Building Instructions app. With its intuitive tools, the child will be able to digitally visualize all the characters assembled from the parts and thus move them into the digital world. In fact, he will mount his own video game, in which the heroes of the desktop version of the set will literally “come to life”.

Lego has officially unveiled the new set

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