Assembling a clock with arrows from the LEGO EV3 constructor

The LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 (45544) Educational Core Set contained enough gears and other pieces to assemble a clock with hour and minute hands. In addition to keeping the time accurately, the watch beeps every hour.

Hand clock built from the LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 Core Education Set (45544)

In addition to instructions for assembling the clockwork itself, I offer a simple demo program:

1. The minute hand moves every minute by 6 degrees, which ensures the circulation of the clock;
2. You can change the clock by pressing the left or right button on the EV3 Brick;
3. When the minute hand is up and the red axis at the back of the movement enters the field of view of the color sensor, an alarm is triggered.

How the translation of the arrows works and how the signal works once an hour can be seen in the video.

If desired, the clock mechanism and the program can be improved, for example, to make the blue color fall under the sensor when the hour hand is at the bottom. Then one signal can be given every hour, and another signal every half hour.

You can also improve the program so that the clock strikes the current number of hours every hour. But here you will need to provide for setting the current hour, for example, using the top and bottom buttons of the EV3 Brick.


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