Artist Hebru Brantley and LEGO Celebrate Children’s Imagination

Not a single child will refuse to visit such a playground. Therefore, the installation, created by the artist Hebru Brantley on one of the streets of New York, will be the envy of children from all over the globe. Exciting playground unveiled in West Harlem on World Play Day LEGO Group – on the day of the 90th anniversary of the Danish manufacturer of designers.

The Flying Islands exhibition invites children on a real space journey. Everything is here – from a rocket soaring in the clouds to pyramids against the backdrop of volcanoes. There are even steps that take visitors between the colorful islands. In general, the world is completely built here in the form that children imagine it to be.

The inspiration for the Flying Islands project came from the playful, optimistic imagination of local kids who are part of the non-profit youth development organization Sister Sol Brotherhood. The LEGO Group, along with artist Hebru Brantley, challenged them to come up with their own creative ideas and build a game world out of “bricks” lego.

Artist Hebru Brantley and Lego celebrate children's imagination with 'Flying Islands'

“In my work, I often explore stories about the world I grew up in, so meeting the children from Brosis and their vision of the world we live in now had a profound impact on the design of this play space,” says Hebru Brantley. “I wanted to create something that would give the local community a chance to come together, regardless of their background or culture, to leave behind the pressures of the hectic world we live in, and explore what work looks like through the optimistic eyes of children.

By the way, the joint work of the children and the artist was not only in developing the idea of ​​a new playground. The interaction continued during the creation of the installation.

“When children are given the freedom to express their ideas, they develop skills such as creativity and confidence, which are critical to navigating today’s complex world,” says Jason Warwin, co-founder of BroSis. “We hope that creating Fly Away Isles right here in our community will inspire more kids and families to get together, play and experience the benefits and joy it brings.

Artist Hebru Brantley and Lego celebrate children's imagination with 'Flying Islands'

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