Another 3D Lego postcard presented

A set will appear in the range of official Lego stores in early August 40568 LEGO Creator Paris. This set is another serial 3D postcard.

The novelty has a height of about 13 centimeters. It will depict in three-dimensional format the most famous sights of the French capital, which are rightfully considered the hallmark of the city on the Seine River. First of all, this is the oldest Pont Neuf bridge, built for the royals so that they can cross to the other side near the palace. True, in the composition of the design under consideration, according to the designers’ idea, he “connected” the eminent Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower to each other. The national flag of France flies at the top of the tower.

Attentive reviewers of the photographs of the new set found a picture on the back of the branded box, which allows you to find out what kind of “brick” postcard you should expect for “Paris”. It turned out that they will be the designer 40569 LEGO Creator London.

It is known that 3D locations will be presented by significant symbols of the capital of Great Britain:

  • Big Ben clock tower
  • Ferris wheel,
  • Red double-decker bus and more.

Kit 40568 LEGO Creator Paris consists of 213 parts and is designed for children over 9 years of age. The price will be 14.99 euros. There is no official information about the second constructor yet.

Undoubtedly, novelties with the sights of the capitals of one of the largest European countries will be a good addition to the thematic collection of 3D postcards.

The Lego company introduced a set with a new 3D postcard

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