“Ancient Roman Temple” became the first author’s project in the new selection of Lego ideas

Site visitors LEGO Ideas eagerly awaiting the results of the second review of Lego author’s ideas. As you know, the verdict of the competent jury on the winner must be delivered before the end of September 2022.

Meanwhile, an open online competition continues and construction fans bring new “brick” projects to the public. The other day, the cherished support of 10 thousand votes was received by the work “Ancient Greek Temple”. Thus, she became the first model of the next stage of the popular competition, the results of which will be considered sometime in the middle of 2023.

The author of the model is a Lego fan under the nickname HP_Brixxter, aka Daniel Kuruc from Hungary. It is interesting that this is the second attempt for him. For the first time, a project with an ancient Roman temple was put on display at the end of September 2019, including several medieval models. And he got into the first review of ideas in 2021, but the jury rejected the work. Daniel released an updated version of the project to the community on October 7, 2021.

Ancient Roman Temple

The author belongs to the lovers of ancient history. In his opinion, in the “world of cubes” a large gap has formed in the reflection of this topic. So he decided to design the oldest temple of the roman empire. Daniel paid special attention to the historically accurate reproduction of the cult building, moreover, in compliance with the scale of the miniature figures. The kit includes four characters that depict two guards, one woman and one senator.

To get to the temple, visitors need to overcome the steps of a wide staircase between two bowls with a blazing fire. At the high columns, two guards armed with long spears are on duty – they let only well-dressed citizens through.

Quite heavy doors separate the temple from the outside world. Having opened them and crossed the threshold, the visitor finds himself in a huge darkened hall, because it has no windows. The interior is made in a rather modest style, so the altar located in the center of the religious building becomes the most attractive. Four bowls with fire are installed in front of it, which create a majestic atmosphere and at the same time are the only source of illumination of the interior space of the ancient Roman temple. On the altar is a statue of Neptune, the Roman god of the seas, holding a golden trident in his hand. This is the very ancient place of worship.

The Ancient Roman Temple

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