After the break, new sets “Architecture” will appear


After a one-year hiatus, new sets from the Architecture series will appear

At the beginning of the message, we recall that this year the company “Lego” in the line “Architecture” introduced just the only 21056 LEGO themed Taj Mahal. The project is large-scale and, undoubtedly, pleased collectors who collect copies of buildings and structures belonging to the seven wonders of the world.

A return to the production of smaller sets is planned for next year. As you know, the last such projects were kits 21051 LEGO Tokyo and 21052 LEGO Dubaireleased in 2020. And now, according to bloggers, soon the line should be replenished with one very interesting architectural novelty. In it, Lego designers will present a toy copy of the Marina Bay Sands hotel from Singapore.

The image of this world-famous Singapore hotel with a unique “infinity pool” has already been used by the developers of the Danish company in the implementation of the original project as part of the constructor under the article 21021. But this time a copy of the 57-storey hotel will be recreated in smaller sizes, as it comes in a format like this called skyline series gift set.



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