Adblock Plus ad blocker launches mobile browser for Android

The popular Adblock Plus ad blocker is now available for Android devices as a full-fledged browser. By blocking ads, the browser thereby increases the download speed, and by blocking intrusive dangerous ads, you reduce the likelihood of viruses infecting your device.

Adblock browser start page after installation

First, some information about Adblock Plus. Adblock Plus is an open source project founded in 2006 Vladimir Palant. In 2011 Vladimir Palant and Til Faida company was established Eyeo to support the project. The project website can be viewed here.

On PC Adblock Plus available for free as a browser add-on Chrome, safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Maxthon. And now with the help of a new browser you can block ads on Android.

Here are the main benefits you get when using the new Adblock browser:

      • Automatic ad blocking is the first browser that has a built-in ad blocking feature. Today, more than ever, there is a need for such a feature on mobile devices. PricewaterhouseCoopers conducted a study last year and found that a high number of clicks from mobile advertising led to unfortunate consequences. And the ad blocker helps to solve this problem – you just won’t see ads.
      • traffic reduction – compared to other browsers, it does not waste time and traffic to download ads. However, this plus is not so big, because. in browsers like Yandex, Google and Opera you can use the turbo mode, which allows you to save even more on traffic.
      • Enhance Security – this is an indisputable plus, because. malware is often hidden behind intrusive ads.
      • Advertising control – you can partially influence the degree of ad blocking.
        • You can enable the display of unobtrusive ads, such as those on our website. ProgHouseto back up the resource. Intrusive ads will then be blocked, as before. This feature can be found in the “Menu -> Settings -> Adblocking -> Acceptable Ads” check mark “Allow some non-intrusive advertising(“Allow some non-intrusive ads”). The checkbox is checked by default.
        • You can disable blocking for specific sites. To do this, open the desired site and uncheck “Menu -> Block Ads on this Site” (“Block ads on this site”).
        • You can only block ads for sites in certain languages. In the beta version, blocking sites in English is enabled by default. To enable ad blocking on Russian-language sites, open the menu “Menu -> Settings -> Adblocking -> Adblocking» and check the box next to the desired language in the list, see the picture.

Enabling ad blocking on Russian-language sites in the Adblock browser

The browser is currently only available for testing. The browser interface is currently only in English.

Those interested can join the community of beta testers here. There you will also find a link to download the beta version of the browser (in the “About the community“). To join the community, click on the “Join“.

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