Action plan for the 90th anniversary of “Lego”

Company LEGO Group has prepared many anniversary events for its 90th anniversary, which will start in June. They are designed to help construction fans, regardless of age and place of residence, feel the joy and benefits of playing with plastic cubes.

Official, LEGO social media channels and LEGO Life will offer exciting building challenges and quizzes starting June 9th. The whole family can take part.

June 10 is the annual Lego Day. On this day, playgrounds will open in stores with fun anniversary events with the erection of various structures for visitors and exhibition areas to showcase creations.

From June 18, fans of the “world of cubes” will have a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes LEGO HQ. During the activities, children will be able to demonstrate their building skills and recreate the living environment in the form of prefabricated toys, build “brick” models and create play locations with a realistic reflection of urban and rural life, sports and games, as well as entertainment and recreation, art and design , music and fashion. Even grown-ups will be able to think back to childhood as they build new versions of iconic LEGO classics from the past, specially released for the anniversary.

The festive atmosphere is already in “Legolands”. Exciting themed events have been prepared for guests of amusement parks and recreation. For example, in the Brick House in Billund, the home of designers, 25 million Lego building parts are at the disposal of visitors. From them, they can build whatever they want and share their creations with others.

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