A set with a globe based on a fan idea has been released


A Danish company has made yet another idea from a winning designer fan LEGO Ideas Competition! Recently, the official presentation of the designer 21332 LEGO Ideas Glosussales of which will start on February 1.

By the “18+” mark on the front of the box, it is clear that the prefabricated kit is addressed to adult lovers of the “world of cubes”. Assembled from 2585 parts, the model of the globe will be a rounded structure measuring 30 by 26 centimeters.

Why is the globe made not quite standard in its shape? Apparently, because the author’s main idea was precisely to depict the Earth as people imagined it in the Middle Ages. However, our planet is not really a ball of correct proportions.

In all other respects, one might say, the man-made Earth is identical to its counterparts in mass production. Its internal space is also empty, except for the fact that a counterweight is installed in the Pacific Ocean to maintain uniform rotation around the axis. And the structure rotates due to the presence of a special stand with an arched (combined!) stand 40 cm high. It should be noted that elements of the LEGO Technic system were used to achieve this effect, as well as to reproduce the spherical shape.

An important feature of the globe is that paper stickers are not used in the design. The names of the continents and oceans are printed on original plates that glow in the dark. Models of a ship and a compass serve as an excellent addition to the man-made globe.

In general, the assembly model from the set 21332 LEGO Ideas Glosus It turns out very attractive and will become a bright decoration of any space.


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