A set with a fashion boutique was released in the “Friends” series

Among the latest novelties of the “Friends” series is the designer 41719 LEGO Friends Mobile Fashion Boutique Looks like a pretty modest acquisition in all respects. Judge for yourself – it consists of only 94 building blocks, which makes it possible to assemble a small vehicle in the form of a scooter with a small trailer. It also stands out from the rest with a very affordable price – 12.95 euros.

It should also be noted that in terms of content, the theme with a boutique for a line of sets about the adventures of five girlfriends is no longer new. The only difference is that, unlike Emma, ​​her friend Stephanie focused her attention on the mobile version of serving the young fashionistas of the city. Heartlake City.

At the same time, the modular toy deserves close attention because of the amazing play potential. In the boutique “on wheels” you can buy:

  • hair bows,
  • cosmetic brushes,
  • massage comb,
  • lipstick,
  • perfume and sunglasses.

The range also includes a hair dryer, scissors and a mirror. It’s possible that Stephanie plans to expand the original concept of a mobile boutique later or transform it into a beauty salon. The entire product range presented is successfully complemented by a small cash register, reminding that we are talking about a boutique after all.

A nice bonus of this set is the inclusion of two mini-dolls in the set – also a rare occurrence for small designers. At the same time, Stephanie is presented in a very fashionable sleeveless sweatshirt with a welt purple stripe over a white T-shirt. Beautifully looks jewelry in the form of a necklace with the image of her signature star. The image of the second character, Camila in turquoise shorts, is taken from last year’s “Magic Fun Fair”.

This is such a beautiful, inexpensive, colorful set. 41719 LEGO Friends Mobile Fashion Boutique with good gaming experience. All girls will definitely appreciate his dignity. As they say, the spool is small, but expensive.

A modest model with great play potential in the Friends series from Lego

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