A set with a car repair shop has entered a new stage at the Lego competition

Construction fans on the site LEGO Ideas have chosen another model that they would like to see as the official set of the Danish company. This time, the required 10,000 votes were received by the 1930s Car Repair Garage project. Its author is represented under the nickname legoceo. The Japanese fan’s idea found support 640 days after being entered into the open competition.

Car workshops, like rare cars, cannot be called such rare models in sets. Lego. Nevertheless, the project under consideration is original, since it is the first time that 2 thematic lines are combined into a single whole.

LEGO Ideas Visitors Vote for Classic Car Workshop

The main model is a workshop measuring approximately 42 cm long, 26 cm wide and approximately 23 cm high. The garage is equipped with many old items. In particular, a workbench with a few parts and the necessary tools. The removable roof of the structure allows you to see all this, as well as carry out repairs during the gameplay inside the workshop.

A completely “working” atmosphere is also transferred to the outside of the structure. First of all, the attractive design of the facade of the auto repair shop and the condition of the territory adjacent to it.

Here you can see:

  • black mechanical crane, with which you can remove the car engine or move and install any heavy parts;
  • two old fuel pumps;
  • a stack of tires;
  • a couple of oil barrels;
  • number plates.

LEGO Ideas Visitors Vote for Classic Car Workshop

The Cadillac V16 car model will also turn out to be quite large-scale. It recreates the look of a classic 1930s car. At the same time, the author tried to reflect the car as accurately as possible, using the most memorable details in the design. For example, the typical arrangement of headlights and spare wheels mounted on the sides of the hood. Also in the cabin of the car, large rear seats, characteristic of this brand of cars, are installed. All these features were appreciated by the users of the site, who helped the project gain the coveted 10,000 votes!

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