A series of “Girlfriends” from “Lego” will replenish the set with the theater

Young fans of the “world of cubes”, and in particular the thematic line of designers “Girlfriends”, a joyful event awaits soon – the collection will be replenished with a new team toy. Construction fans managed to find one picture on the official website of the Danish manufacturer, confirming that the set is coming out this year 41714 LEGO Friends Andrea’s Theater School.

6 years ago, the Lego company already presented in the constructor 41134 Theater School three-story building of a similar institution. According to the game plot, then 3 out of 5 girlfriends – Andrea, Noa and Iva – went to study in this rather modest laconic school with a music class and a dance hall. Now the girls have grown up and, judging by the name of the prefabricated set mentioned at the beginning, one of them has achieved noticeable success on the stage, if she has already decided to open her own school.

Andrea’s school was created right in the theater and stylized as a theater institution. The game location is a room with a high stage with luxurious red curtains and a backdrop that depicts high-rise buildings in the city. You can watch the performances of artists sitting on one of the five chairs placed in front of the stage, or climbing up to the double balcony for VIP spectators.

The game set includes a lot of accessories in the form of an electric guitar, a stand with a microphone, a chest with theatrical costumes and props. All this will allow the owner of the set to recreate a creative atmosphere in the theater school. The new set will certainly appeal to their little owners.

A new set with the theater will be released in the series

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