A new Lego fan project on the Year of the Tiger theme


The popular website “Brothers Brik” continues to tell its visitors about the creativity of design fans, who create from standard building “bricks” real masterpieces. Such author’s sets differ from the official LEGO designers in their individuality, and attract increased attention of fans of the “world of cubes”. And how could it be otherwise, if the site almost daily shares news about new creations of Lego fans. For example, on the eve of the approaching Chinese New Year, the online platform introduced another unique project.

Designer Yang Hou from the Celestial Empire offered a magnificent figurine symbol of the coming Year of the Tiger. It should be noted right away that her striped predator looks simply amazing, first of all, due to the fact that it turned out to be more “alive” in comparison with the official version of the Lego company. This was made possible thanks to the competent use of colored cubes, the harmonious ratio of the various parts of the body, the accurate detailing of the head, the mouth with yellowish teeth and a slightly protruding pink tongue, the nose and narrow ears.

But the most fantastic level of realism to Yang Hou’s tiger figure comes from its main pose: a large, muscular predator is depicted during a gymnastics called “cat stretching.” At the same time, the author managed to recreate the image of a rather muscular wild cat. She achieved an imitation of sinewy muscles by fixing black and orange stripes at different levels.

Gorgeous author's project on the theme


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