A gift set for the Year of the Rabbit from LEGO has been released

According to the eastern lunar calendar, 2023 will be the Year of the Rabbit. Danish manufacturer Lego for this event, he planned to release a traditional thematic set with the main character of the Zodiac.

Informal photos with images of the prefabricated constructor are now circulating on the Internet. LEGO 40575 Year of the Rabbit. The exclusive miniature figure is very similar to its predecessors. The toy is assembled from 193 parts and recreates a rather pleasant image of a cute big-eared animal with big eyes. Initially, this model is a Christmas decoration. Therefore, the figurine is endowed with a minimum of game functions – the rabbit can only turn its head and move its paws a little.

The branded box of the Christmas set is designed according to the existing standard:

  • on the front side of the package, a place is specially allocated for the “address” of the recipient of the gift;
  • inside there is a red envelope for money.

It is assumed that the set LEGO 40575 Year of the Rabbit will appear in official Lego stores only at the end of December 2022. Therefore, it is not known exactly how it will be implemented. It is quite possible that it will become a bonus for purchases at a minimum cost. As, for example, it was last year – then the cost of purchases was 85 euros.

In conclusion, let us recall that the Danish company Lego releases the designers with figures of the Eastern Zodiac on the eve of each New Year, starting from 2018. Thus, the newly appeared Rabbit replaces the striped Tiger. The Rabbit figurine will be the sixth exhibit in the home collection with the characters of the Chinese lunar calendar among fans of the “world of cubes”.

The Lego company has released a special set for the upcoming Year of the Rabbit

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