A gift for adult fans of the designers of the series “Technician”


According to a long-established tradition, the Danish company opens each new year with new sets addressed to representatives of the younger generations. Children will remain in the priority audience category in 2022. This is confirmed by the news about the designers, which will appear on store shelves literally from January 1. However, this time a small change will be made to the custom: adult construction lovers can also count on “their piece of cake”. In particular, in the popular Technic series in early March, 2 sets with prefabricated models await them: LEGO Technic BMW M1000 RR 42130 and 42141 LEGO Technic Formula 1.

The project with a sports bike in 1:5 scale will be the first in the Lego technical line. Its second feature will be that the toy is being developed on the basis of a real prototype. Moreover, the original, in turn, is the first two-wheeled model in the M-series, which previously produced only sports cars.

What will be the combined model of the motorcycle? There is no exact information yet. It is known that the set will be quite large – 1920 parts, and quite expensive – 199.99 euros.

It is clear that the creators of the toy will try to recreate the image of the two-wheeled BMW S 1000 RR in detail. And this means that collectors of high-speed vehicles will become the owners of a unique sportbike. The uniqueness is that this motorcycle is equipped with aerodynamic fenders. The original addition is intended to provide the real prototype with downforce to counteract the lift of the front wheel at powerful speeds. It is assumed that the creators of the kit will copy the classic palette of BMW Motorsport, which is a combination of white and blue with red accents.

The second novelty for adults 42141 LEGO Technic Formula 1 will offer to build a model of a classic sports car. Similar prefabricated toys were already produced by the Lego company in the early 2000s. However, it seems that the Danish manufacturer has decided to revive the old cars, giving them a new look. This is indicated by the number of building parts, equal to 1432 pieces, the age category “18+” and, finally, the cost of the kit at 179.99 euros.

42141 LEGO Technic Formula 1


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