A Fire Helicopter Was Reviewed at the Lego Idea Contest

The author’s project Sikorsky S-70i Firehawk was selected for the autumn review of ideas in 2022. For evaluation by site visitors LEGO Ideas the work was suggested by a fan of the “world of cubes” under the nickname Slekk024. The model was based on a real firefighting helicopter S-70i Firehawk (USA), developed by Sikorsky. Dozens of similar rotorcraft are now used to extinguish forest fires in different parts of the globe.

The toy helicopter is attached to a stand connected to the base of the whole structure, which depicts a fragment of a burning forest. The result is a kind of 3D picture with a realistic image of the work of firefighters. Slekk024 spent 3,000 parts to build the entire location Lego.

This helicopter, like the original, is equipped with a system of opening and closing hatches. It has sliding doors. The set includes 4 miniature figures representing 2 pilots and 2 firefighters. Their presence makes it possible to revive the toy as much as possible.

Interestingly, this project was the first among fire-themed ideas that made it to the next round of the open LEGO Ideas competition. However, design fans do not spoil the visitors of the site of ideas with such proposals. Apparently, because this topic is covered in sufficient detail in the branded kits of the Danish manufacturer, with which not all fans are ready to compete.

Fans of building toys voted for the model of the famous fire helicopter

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