A fan of “Lego” has created a real masterpiece

This author’s model will delight even those fans Legowho in their lifetime have seen hundreds and thousands of all kinds of “brick” masterpieces. A real work of art! The amazingly beautiful northern Viking village, for some reason called the city of the Raven of the Great Odin, arose thanks to the rich imagination, as well as the skillful hands of blogger Simon Schweier.

It would seem that the theme of reproducing the settlement of ancient warriors in the “world of cubes” is far from being implemented for the first time. However, there has never been such a model as this one. At least she has no equal in scale – to see this, look again at the author’s picture next to your creative achievement.

It was the impressive size that allowed Schweier to build such a bright and multi-colored “picture” with a lush green landscape on top of the rocks, with many bizarre and diverse houses and buildings. Here, each building stands out from the rest with its individual architecture and eye-catching unique roofs. At the same time, all the buildings of the village are united by a common color scheme and style of construction.

A real

Well, what Viking village can be without a warship? The composition of the model in question is complemented by a very colorful longboat, on the high bow of which a red dragon’s head rises. Note that the toy Viking ship, hung with shields, in general, in its appearance and good detail, looks to match the rest of the beauty of the author’s model.

According to the plot of the “picture”, brave warriors have just returned to their native harbor on this ship. It can be assumed that after the next military campaign. But it is quite possible that they went out to sea on a big fishing trip. This idea is prompted by the fact that the toy captures the scene of unloading from the deck of the ship to the shore of a huge fish and other catch.

A real

The author of the model managed to create a village in a realistic style. With the complete immobility of the structure, it looks very dynamic. This, along with an abundance of bright colors, is facilitated by the inclusion of many miniature figures, and not only brave Vikings, but also ordinary residents of their native settlement.

Therefore, in every corner of the huge village you can feel the breath of everyday life. Here, for example, local “bards” delight the northerners with their soulful songs.

Noisy and, apparently, a lot of fun in the tavern, in the cellars of which many barrels of strong drinks are stored. So the Vikings here can well celebrate a successful campaign.

A real

Life on the territory of a toy island is warm even on the farthest shore. So, not far from the high tower of the lighthouse, on top of which red flames are visible, you can see how someone is fishing in a boat in the sea.

In general, the ancient village of the ancient Vikings in this grandiose model came out really lively, which makes it doubly attractive. A real magnet that captures attention again and again, makes you never cease to be surprised by the fact that all this is created from ordinary cubes. Lego.

A real

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