A copy of the temple-mausoleum of El-Khazne was reviewed at the LEGO competition

Ancient city of Petra, whose ruins are located on the territory of modern Jordan, has become a place of great pilgrimage not only for residents of the Middle East, but for the whole world. Every year these places are visited by over half a million tourists of various nationalities.

All these people want to see the famous “city of stone” times of the Roman Empire. The ancient inhabitants of Petra, the Nabataeans, built a monumental city, carving houses, crypts and temples from stone blocks.

The ancient monuments of the unique architecture of Petra attract the attention of filmmakers. Movies have been filmed in these locations:

  • “Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger”
  • “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”
  • “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” and many others.

Also, the city is reproduced in several computer games, in adventure novels. And this time, a Lego fan called thepredisent decided to recreate a fragment of Petra using bricks.

Thepredisent was based on the world-famous temple-mausoleum of El-Khazne, one of the best preserved structures of the first century. It must be immediately recognized that the author of the original project “Peter’s Treasury” managed to accurately reflect the design and features of the majestic building with a facade carved from a huge rock.

The same assessment of the author’s work was given by visitors to the site of an open competition of ideas LEGO Ideas. As a result, the model collected the required 10,000 votes of support among construction fans and got into the second LEGO Ideas review, which will take place this fall.

A fan of construction created a copy of the temple-mausoleum of El-Khazneh from the ancient city of Petra and scored 10,000 votes

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