8 new products will appear in the Super Mario line


Lego promises 8 new products for the summer in the Super Mario line

The Danish company has officially announced the release of new products in the series LEGO Super Mario. In total, the Lego online store lists eight designers that will be on sale by the end of August 2022.

What each of them will represent in terms of content is not yet entirely clear. The manufacturer in his announcement limited himself to indicating the articles, names and prices of the upcoming sets. Accompanied them with just one photo. However, the published data allow us to conclude that almost all new items are aimed at supplementing and expanding the gaming locations of thematic sets that were released earlier.

Here are some constructors of the series LEGO Super Mario coming in August:

  • 71403 “Adventure with a Peach” – 354 parts, 59.99 euros (7735 rubles);

  • 71404 “Gumba Shoe Expansion Kit” – 76 parts, 9.99 euros (1288 rubles);

  • 71405 “Fluffy Fins” – 154 parts, 24.99 euros (3220 rubles);

  • 71406 “Yoshi’s Gift House Expansion Kit” – 246 parts, 29.99 euros (3867 rubles);

  • 71407 “Cat peach costume and ice storm” – 494 parts, 69.99 euros (9025 rubles);

  • 71408 “Kit for the expansion of the Mushroom Palace” – 1216 parts, 129.99 euros (16,760 rubles);

  • 71409 “Extension set Challenge big Spike on top of the cloud” – 540 parts, 59.99 euros (7735 rubles);

  • 71410 “Mario characters (large).”

The last set has the least information and there is not even one picture. Commentators speculate that he might open the cast of characters LEGO Mario, in which the figures will differ from the standard ones in their large sizes. By the way, for the rest of the sets, the number of minifigures and who exactly they will represent is unknown.


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