76218 LEGO Marvel Holy of Holies

The output of this set company Lego somehow managed to keep it a secret until the presentation at LEGO Con 2022. Rumors about him on the Internet have periodically arisen over the past two months, but not a single blogger has been able to get hold of photos of the novelty. So the constructor view 76218 LEGO Marvel Holy of Holies for fans of the themed series was a real sensation.

The buildable kit allows you to build an iconic building in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which houses the famous residence of Doctor Strange. With the help of 2708 building blocks, the developers of the project propose to create an exciting game location based on classic scenes from two films about the Avengers.

Assembled using modular technology, the 32-cm structure will be located on a rectangular platform measuring 31 cm by 26 cm. On the first floor, where the library is located, the player will find a lot of familiar details and functions. The same is in the attic with the Museum of Mystical Collections. The locations of the living room and the main character’s office are recreated in detail. Lots of authentic accessories, some items are customizable. In general, the assembly process promises to be exciting in terms of complexity and variety. Builders will discover new techniques and details.

The creators of the team toy showed an original creative approach when choosing characters for the game location. Fans of the themed series will definitely appreciate it. The included minifigures from Avengers: Infinity War feature Spider-Man and Iron Man (MK50).

Other characters from the new “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” are:

  • Doctor Strange,
  • Wong,
  • Witch Scarlett,
  • sinister Strange,
  • Zombie Strange,
  • Carl Mordo.

So that the owner of the combined toy has the opportunity to play episodes from different stories. For example, in the first version, the battle of superheroes with Ebony Mau, which took place exactly near the Sanctuary in New York.

Constructor 76218 LEGO Marvel Holy of Holies will go on sale from August 1, 2022. Price: 249.99 euros.

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