76215 LEGO Marvel Black Panther Set

A complete surprise for many construction fans was the new set 76215 LEGO Marvel Black Panther, which was recently presented by the Danish manufacturer of designers. The designer will be on sale from October 1.

Interestingly, the theme site Promobricks previously predicted that a re-release of the big Hulkbuster would be released under this number. In fact, it turned out to be a surprise in the form of a giant bust of Black Panther – the famous heroine of the cinematic universe. “Marvel”.The whole model is a bust in black. There are thin lines shining in the light, made of metallic silver. There are also purple details on the fingers and bust support that complement the color scheme.

The collectible item is for display purposes only and does not imply any playability. The model depicts the Black Panther’s head in near-life-size detail, as well as arms folded across her chest in an iconic salute. However, the bust has removable arms and movable fingers. So, if desired, the owner of the combined exhibit can give the character other poses.

LEGO has released a new set with a giant bust of the Black Panther

As for the size of the giant bust, some conflicting information has been circulating so far. The fact is, on the page of the Lego online store and the official press release of the manufacturer, different data are given. However, there is a discrepancy in the messages about the cost of the kit, and the date of commencement of sales. Browsers offer to focus on the information published in the online store lego. And according to her, the height of the bust is 46 cm, width – 39 cm.

In any case, the model from this creative building project will attract the attention of all adult construction fans, especially since the project is busy not only with the complexity of the assembly, but also with new details and elements. It is possible that the model, in fact, complements the collection of Star Wars helmets, opens up a potentially new category of larger busts with iconic characters from Marvel and other popular series.

The designer promises to be a special event 76215 LEGO Marvel Black Panther fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The bust will turn into an excellent exhibit of home collections, and will also be a magnificent decoration in the office, which no visitor will pass by.

LEGO has released a new set with a giant bust of the Black Panther

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