76210 LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster Mk II

There are two pleasant surprises in store for construction fans at the end of 2022. About the first – about the set 10307 LEGO Icons Eiffel Tower with a 150 cm model, we have already told in the news on our website. But as it turns out, the Danish manufacturer Lego will be bringing consumers another buildable kit with a giant project in November. This is a new constructor. 76210 LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster Mk IIfocused on the category of buyers “18+”.

According to reviewers of the upcoming novelty, there has never been such an Iron Man suit in the “world of cubes”. Therefore, it will eclipse with its size all previous versions of the forty-eighth armor of Tony Stark. He made this armor together with Bruce Banner in order to restrain the raging Hulk.

However, fans of Marvel superheroes know that it was in it that Bruce Banner successfully defended the Earth from the invasion of the Black Order, outriders and from Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. So for true fans of the series, Hulkbuster 2.0 is a cult mech, so the demand for its “brick” version is almost guaranteed.

According to the thematic site Brick_Clicker, the set 76210 LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster Mk II consists of 4049 parts. This will make it the largest buildable set in the entire Marvel lineup. Perhaps the package will include a Tony Stark minifigure. Against the background of other designers of this theme, the novelty will stand out and the high price, which will be an impressive 549.99 euros.

There is no specific data on the size of the model yet, but it is clear that the collector’s version will turn out to be gigantic. Here, most commentators proceed from the fact that a set with a 25-cm counterpart in the constructor 76105 LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster: Age of Ultron in 2018 consisted of only 1363 parts. Accordingly, the expected exhibit will be impressive not only in its dimensions, but also as detailed as possible and close in functionality to the on-screen prototype.

And finally, one more piece of news. The network leaked information that next year young fans of Marvel superheroes will also receive their own Hulkbuster. For the children’s audience, the designers of the Danish company have developed a separate project. And already in January 2023, a set of 76247 LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster: Battle of Wakanda. It is also known that the assembly kit includes 385 parts, and it will be available for purchase at a price of 49.99 euros.

There has never been such a big Hulkbuster 2.0 in the

76105 LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster: Age of Ultron 2018

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