75330 LEGO Star Wars Jedi Training on Dagobah Review

In May, sales of the long-awaited Star Wars construction sets will start, which will present 3 original dioramas to the judgment of construction fans. These are LEGO Star Wars sets 75329 Death Star Trench Chase, 75330 Dagobah Jedi Training and 75339 Death Star Debris Compactor. The announcement of the grand release sparked genuine curiosity among Star Wars fans.

This, in general, is understandable, because any variety in a popular topic is always expected with great excitement. Moreover, this time the producers promised an exclusive reflection of three iconic scenes from the cult film in high-quality dioramas.

However, the most interesting in this trio of new products is the 75330 LEGO Star Wars Jedi Training on Dagobah. Why? Let’s try to find the answer to this question together in the following review.

New version of Yota’s iconic hut in 75330 LEGO Star Wars Jedi Training on Dagobah

We note right away that the set is the largest among the announced new products in terms of the number of parts. It contains 1000 building “bricks”. If you try to evaluate the prefabricated kit, it should be noted that it helps to assemble a truly “photographic” model from “bricks”. This is achieved largely thanks to a completely advanced level of fidelity reproduction of a reduced copy of the original prototype. The original can be seen in the fourth episode of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. At the same time, the quality of the details and their correspondence in form, color and texture to the created composition also deserve the highest praise.

Attentive viewers will surely remember the wise words of the 900-year-old Jedi Master Yoda: “Size does not matter.” The truth of what was said was convinced by his miniature growth, which hides the enviable abilities of a martial artist. So the statement of the Jedi is completely suitable for evaluating the built diorama. The design turns out to be not entirely impressive in its dimensions: height – 16 cm, length – 29 cm, width – 17 cm. However, in terms of content, a small diorama will surpass many larger Lego models.

Overview of 75330 LEGO Star Wars Jedi Training on Dagobah

The main construction of the set is presented in the form of Yoda’s hut, which was lost in the jungle of the marshy planet Dagobah. Of particular importance here is that this version of the hut is the most accurate demonstration of the on-screen prototype that has ever appeared in the Danish manufacturer’s kits.

Amazing accuracy seen:

  • in a tiny front door on the front side of the dwelling;
  • in small side windows;
  • in an unusual domed roof with a sharp spire at the top;
  • in identical contours in the form;
  • in the hanging branches of green spaces.

The hut is surrounded by a swamp from almost all sides. It is rendered in a somewhat jarring green that ultimately brings the scene to life, contrasting beautifully with the surrounding trees and shrubs. The island on which Yoda’s hut is located has received its own color palette. This allows you to visually delimit the territory of the panorama into 2 separate sections.

Overview of 75330 LEGO Star Wars Jedi Training on Dagobah

There are no opening doors or side walls of the hut in the building. The visible wing of the X-Wing star fighter sunk in the swamp remains forever an immovable element of the overall composition. Around the dwelling are bushes growing in the bog.

The fact is that the diorama is aimed at fulfilling a single task – to create an iconic scene from the Star Wars movie, allowing for a purely visual effect.

If desired, of course, the constructed structure can also be used as a familiar gaming location. This opinion is prompted by the minifigures presented in the set, which noticeably enliven the composition and tune in to the development of the plot.

Although the fundamental purpose of this model is that it belongs to a purely collectible version. This is confirmed by the original style and unusual design.

Turning the diorama 180 degrees opens up a view of the back side of the building and the interior of Yoda’s hut. A bed, cooking pots, a place to store a lightsaber hidden from prying eyes – all this detailing is also done only to enhance visual perception without hints of gaming potential.

Overview of 75330 LEGO Star Wars Jedi Training on Dagobah

According to the plot of the film, this is where Luke Skywalker trains under the guidance of an experienced Jedi Master. Despite this, the creators of the diorama refused to fill the structure with sports and other elements that the main character used in his studies. Surprisingly, such a “reduction” of the source material does not in the least affect the positive perception of the constructed object.

The developers of the project under consideration focused on exact copying, first of all, of Yoda’s hut and the surroundings. The authors managed to achieve the desired effect. This is the third time this episode has been recreated in the history of the Star Wars themed set line. From the two early counterparts, the upcoming model is significantly different in the finest detail and maximum reliability.

Overview of 75330 LEGO Star Wars Jedi Training on Dagobah

What minifigures are included in the set?

The assembly kit includes 3 miniature figures. Of these, the Jedi Master persona is from the same version as the 75208 LEGO Star Wars Yoda’s Hut, released in 2018. But the remaining 2 characters can be attributed to partially exclusive copies. So, the droid R2-D2 for the first time has a new seal on the back of the head. According to the film, it is known that he accompanies the main character in all series of the Skywalker Saga and, interestingly, almost unchanged in appearance and manner of speaking. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to supplement his “brick” image with something special. Not everything worked out in this case. Indeed, due to the fact that, according to the compositional plot of the diorama, the droid should stand close to the wall of the hut, the renovation remains almost imperceptible to others.

Overview of 75330 LEGO Star Wars Jedi Training on Dagobah

As for the protagonist Luke Skywalker, at first glance, his minifigure strongly resembles the image from the 2018 constructor mentioned above. However, a closer look reveals two completely new details: the updated torso and legs of the character.

In general, all 3 included in the buildable set of characters perfectly complement the picturesque picture of the diorama. The figurines noticeably “enliven” the overall composition and make it more attractive.

At the end of the review

75330 LEGO Star Wars Jedi Training on Dagobah will not appeal to all fans of Star Wars and building in general. In terms of content, the set turned out to be not expressive and functional enough. As you know, most Star Wars fans are accustomed to getting their hands on “active” constructions, after assembling which it becomes possible to recreate breathtaking scenes from the cult movie in the desktop version. From the details of the considered constructor, a completely “frozen” model is initially obtained, although with the presence of minifigures.

So this set is really for everyone.

Although the idea itself is quite remarkable, and true connoisseurs of elegant souvenirs will appreciate the new-found panorama. First of all, collectors who collect models and minifigures. For them, the considered designer is a real find. Because the catchy design can easily decorate any home collection and can be proudly shown to all friends and acquaintances. At the same time, the most attractive moment of the novelty is that the models are developed according to advanced ideas. And this will allow you to look at the sets of the Star Wars line, which have been wildly popular for more than two decades, from a completely new point of view.

Overview of 75330 LEGO Star Wars Jedi Training on Dagobah

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