75323 LEGO Star Wars Justifier set is out

The most controversial assessments were met by Star Wars fans with the presentation of the long-awaited set 75323 LEGO Star Wars Justifier. While the minifigures of the buildable kit were received with enthusiasm by many, some commentators called the main model of the bounty hunter Cad Bane’s starship a rather “boring” design. To what extent this is true – let’s try to figure it out.

Perhaps this perception of new items is largely due to the prototype. The original spaceship was only featured once in the second season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. But this happened a few years after the birth of the idea itself. As planned by the writers, “The Justifier” was supposed to become the “main character” of the Clone Wars series, but the promised “Bounty Hunter Arc” never appeared on the screens. So for most Star Wars fans, the new model is perceived simply as a copy of one of the many starships that are found in the films. Because Justifier’s “biography” is too small to become an iconic starship. Just in connection with this, many fans were outraged by the cost of the prefabricated kit – 170 euros, in their opinion, too high a price for a little-known ship.

The Justifier set did not live up to the expectations of Star Wars fans

All of the above is an assessment of adult Star Wars fans.

And here are the young fans of designing the appearance of the game set 75323 LEGO Star Wars Justifier received more favorably. However, the designer was originally addressed specifically to children, starting from the age category of 9 years. Therefore, a huge model measuring 38 cm long, 50 cm wide and 12 cm high will not leave them indifferent. Especially those who watched the cartoon “Star Wars: The Bad Batch.”

Plus, the starship has a good gaming potential. To do this, it is endowed with many purely gaming features – a detailed, easy-to-access pilot’s cockpit, two thermal detonator elements, a “laser” prison cell for Omega, spring-loaded rocket-projectiles mounted at the end of the wings, and spare ammunition located under covers in the hull of the spacecraft’s wings.

From the outside of the aircraft, a noticeable structural element will be the engine, which in its shape resembles a hammer. The peculiarity of the power plant in the considered toy copy should be attributed to the fact that it is copied in detail from the on-screen prototype. This can be seen in the characteristic “air slots” in the front and protruding engine injectors in the rear. Along with this, the developers of the “brick” analogue made the power plant as mobile as in the original – it changes position in the “landing” and “flight” modes.

At the same time, under the wings of the aircraft, the front landing gears are extended or retracted, depending on the landing or flight mode. The operation of both mechanisms is clearly demonstrated in a “live” illustration.

So, we recall that the main model of the considered set was generally perceived negatively by adult fans of “Star Wars”. However, all commentators rated the miniature figures included in this assembly set as “excellent”. Why? – We will talk about this next time.

Help: constructor 75323 LEGO Star Wars Justifier Includes 1022 pieces and 5 minifigures. Price: 169.99 euros.

The Justifier set did not live up to the expectations of Star Wars fans

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