71412 LEGO Super Mario Big Bad Island

Theme Set Developers 71412 LEGO Super Mario Big Bad Island offer fans of the Super Mario line a great novelty. The prefabricated constructor is designed to supplement with new functions and heroes one of the three main themed kits previously released under the numbers:

  • 71360 Adventures with Mario. starter kit,
  • 71387 Adventures with Luigi,
  • 71403 Adventures with Peach.

First of all, the new playset will feature large enemy characters. Moreover, three of the four characters will appear for the first time in the “brick” version of the interactive game. So collectors will be able to expand their home collection of collectible figurines to include Iggy, Big Koop Squad and Big Goomba.

The Lego company proved that the islands are not only big, but also bad

To the named trinity is attached another Gumba figurine of the usual size. Each character is mounted on a standard stand, allowing kids to immediately connect them to interactive adventures. For example, using the built launcher, on which even the Big Gumba can be sent flying.

Exciting new challenges await the main characters of Super Mario. The characters of the set will have the task of overthrowing Iggy. The constructor has a block that gives the power of a superstar, coins or extra time. Well, according to tradition, for the completion of each task, the winners will receive various awards.

The presented modular addition has the following dimensions:

  • more than 14 cm in height,
  • 35 cm wide,
  • 16 cm deep.

Using it with starter kits LEGO “Super Mario” construction fans will be able to expand or rebuild the previous game locations, significantly increasing the level of the game as a whole, as well as collecting digital coins. It is also important that you can create your own unique designs with this set, because in its basic form, its parts are perfectly combined with other Super Mario sets.

The Lego company proved that the islands are not only big, but also bad

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