7 Unique Facts About Lego Building Blocks


To the 90th anniversary of the LEGO company: 7 unique facts about the legendary designer

Annually On January 28, fans of the “world of cubes” celebrate International LEGO Day. The current one turns out to be especially festive, because it is 90 years since the start of the activity of the Danish company Lego. The brand name translated into Russian from Danish Leg-godt means “Play well”. Interestingly, the founder was a simple foreman of carpenters and joiners Ole Kirk Christiansen. At first, the company produced educational toys made of wood, and only in 1947 began the production of plastic toys. The company received the first patent for the release of the Lego prefabricated constructor based on the famous “bricks” in 1958.

We offer you 7 interesting facts about the legendary designer:

  1. The standard of the first building blocks is still the same today, so the parts from 1958 are easily combined with parts from modern sets.
  2. At the main plant for the production of designers, which is located in Denmark, 60 tons of plastic are used daily to create new parts.
  3. Only 18 of the 1 million LEGO bricks produced are defective.
  4. In various parts of our planet, more than seven Lego sets are sold every second.
  5. If a chain could be stretched out of the parts realized within one year in LEGO sets, then it would go around the globe about 10 times.
  6. Miniature Lego figures, which have been released over the past years, can fill the bowls of 170 standard pools.
  7. Built from 40 billion “bricks”, the pyramid could touch the moon with its top.

Happy International LEGO Day to all building fans!



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