7 sets of the Minecraft series will replenish the line


American toy store Eugune Toy and hobbies presented to fans of the line of sets “Mancraft” happy news. It announced the addition of seven new Lego-themed construction sets to its range of products. True, no details about what they will be, are not indicated. Moreover, the list does not even contain the names of the game sets – only their articles and prices are listed.

However, for some commentators, this information turned out to be quite enough to understand which sets will go on sale. At least, according to the prices they determined, a large and a small designer is meant by this or that article. So, the most voluminous under the article 21188 costs 129.99 dollars (9750 rubles). This means that it must be in the sizes of the officially presented set. 21174 LEGO Minecraft Modern Treehouse.

When discussing the news, fans of the series suggested that, in general, we are talking about the summer wave of Minecraft sets, although the date of receipt of the goods by the store was not indicated in the message. This conclusion is made on the basis of the sequence of established numbers. According to this logic, it follows that the first constructor under the article 21184, in everything, will be released after the set 21183 LEGO Minecraft Training Groundsrelating to the spring collection.


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