5 of the best Retrus baby strollers


The Polish brand Retrus, which appeared in the cool nineties, produces no less cool strollers. They are reliable, made of hypoallergenic materials, and also super-safe and mega-comfortable. The article will help you choose the right option. It contains 5 top models of this brand, the qualities of which allowed them to get into the list of the best and most popular.

  Best Retrus Strollers

Retrus MILAN

This model belongs to the universal 2-in-1 strollers. It is popular among parents who want to buy an option for growth: the stroller is designed for newborn babies and older – up to three years. “Transport” is easily folded like a book, so it does not take up much space in the apartment. However, the model got into the top of the best not for this reason, and not even because of reliable seat belts.

  Retrus MILAN

Main advantages:

  • Convenience: the bottom of the cradle was created from natural materials that perfectly pass air. And the back of MILANO itself is adjustable in three positions, allowing the child to take a comfortable position.
  • Not hot in summer, not cold in winter, and not wet in rain. The manufacturer equipped the gondola of the stroller with ventilation, put in the kit a deep cape for legs with a side, which will protect from the wind. In addition, the stroller comes with a rain cover. There is also a mosquito net and a cup holder for convenient feeding.
  • This Retrus is also convenient for parents: the handle is adjustable in height, the seat unit can be rearranged, and the protective bumper can be unfastened in a jiffy. In addition, in addition to the shopping basket, you can put things in a bag.

Perhaps, Milano has only one minus – it is heavy: it weighs a little more than 11 kg.

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Come back F

Like the previous model in the ranking, this one folds like a book and is suitable for both babies and three-year-olds. In addition to the walking block, there is a cradle, which is equipped with a comfortable ergonomically shaped handle. Strong, but not pressing on the skin, five-point straps are responsible for safety. But other than that, the model is one of the best in terms of comfort.

  Come back F

Why this Retrus is popular – 4 reasons

  1. Extremely comfortable – the backrest can be raised and lowered (4 positions are available), a wide walking block will allow you to turn around freely and will not interfere with movements, the footrest is adjustable for height.
  2. It perfectly protects from bad weather and hot weather: the hood is deep and can go down a lot, hiding the little passenger from wind, rain and hot sun. The manufacturer also put a cape on the legs, which will not let you freeze in the cold. And in order not to be stuffy in the heat, there are ventilation holes in the hood.
  3. The stroller is one of the best in terms of maneuverability. The model is equipped with inflatable wheels, supplemented with bearings, the front ones can be turned 360 degrees. To prevent AVENIR F from leaving, the wheels can be fixed.
  4. And what about the cradle? With a cradle, too, everything is okay. The natural interior upholstery is hypoallergenic, the backrest is adjustable, there is also a ventilation window. An additional strap is provided for safety.

The downside is that there is no bag included.

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This “book” with rubber wheels will please with maneuverability and give comfort to both a newborn and an older passenger: a child up to three years old can ride in the model. Ultra-comfortable, safe – it’s all about the Retrus stroller. Thanks to these qualities, it is one of the most popular options for the company.


Features that made it to the top:

  • The baby carriage equipped with a cradle will not allow the child to get wet if it snows or starts to rain, because a rain cover is attached to it.
  • Taking a baby with you on a picnic is not a problem: nasty mosquitoes and midges will not irritate and bite the baby, because there is a saving net.
  • You can also drop in for groceries while walking: you don’t have to drag a bag with food in your hand – everything can be put in a deep basket.
  • AVENIR SL is safe: there is a fixation strap in the cradle, there are straps in the block too.
  • The block for walks deserves special attention. The fact that it is rearranged is not so important, but the smoothly adjustable backrest is the key advantage here: it can be lowered / raised in 15 positions!

Possible complaints:

  • not as wide equipment as the first option from the rating;
  • heavy – more than 14 kg.

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Come back Q

A model with a six-month warranty can last much longer. Excellent maneuverability, reliable braking system, light but strong aluminum frame – all this makes it easy to control the stroller and gives it the ability to “work” for several generations. The leather-wrapped parent handle keeps hands from slipping and keeps you cool in cold weather, plus you can control its height.

Note: the basket for things is closed, so that in rain or when it is dirty you can not worry about the safety and cleanliness of its contents.

Come back Q

Retrus AVENIR Q has been awarded the status of one of the best and therefore popular models for a reason. Universal, it is suitable for babies (there is a cradle for them), and for children from 8 to 36 months.

Cons: No mosquito net.

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Retru FUTURE 54

The option, equipped with a cradle for babies, is popular due to its maneuverability. Lightweight aluminum frame, swivel wheels that can be fixed, and a comfortable handle – all this makes it easy to roll the stroller, even if there are a lot of products in the luggage basket. In addition, this is one of the best options in terms of equipment: a caring manufacturer has attached so many accessories to the stroller that you never dreamed of.


3 attractive qualities:

  1. The top model from Retrus is lined with water-repellent fabric, so light rain won’t bother the passenger.
  2. The baby will be comfortable, because the backrest is adjustable in ten positions. The footrest also rises and falls: it will not be difficult for the child to climb into the stroller himself.
  3. AVENIR 54 SL-LINE is the most complete baby stroller. In addition to the already familiar luggage basket, it comes with a bag for bottles, diapers and teethers. A rain cover keeps out the snow and rain, a mesh net keeps out insect bites, and a leg cover keeps out the cold. In addition, the manufacturer has attached a comfortable changing mat to the cradle.

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As you can see, Retrus knows a lot about creating safe, comfortable and versatile strollers for children. He also takes care of his parents, and also does not spare accessories. Which option to choose if they are all so good? The answer is any. The main thing is to decide how many back positions you need, and decide on additional buns: if you don’t need a lot of them, then you can choose a cheaper model.


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