5 best strollers for twins


The family is expecting twins. Preparing for the appearance of babies, parents plunge into pleasant chores – they buy clothes, cribs, toys, bottles. And if all these things are just a double standard set for a newborn, then buying a stroller is worth considering.

Stroller manufacturers offer a choice of two modifications: in one of them, the cradles for babies are located side by side, in the other, one behind the other. Each of them has its own advantages, design features and dimensions. Before choosing one of them, you should familiarize yourself with the best models.

ABC Design ZOOM Cuba

A great option for both twins and toddlers. The ABC Design ZOOM Cuba model provides for placing on the chassis at the same time:

  • Two cradles;
  • Cradles and seats;
  • Carrycots and car seats.

These elements can be installed in one direction, or you can turn the kids towards each other. Users consider this version of the stroller to be universal, because it can take children of different ages for a walk – from birth to 3 years. Despite the fact that the weight of the stroller is about 20 kg, its chassis dimensions are only 63 cm. It easily passes along narrow paths and fits into an elevator without difficulty.

The design solutions of this model differ in functionality and expediency. It provides a spacious compartment for things, seat adjustment can be carried out in three modes, the seats themselves are soft and comfortable for kids. Maneuverability of the stroller is given by different-sized polyurethane wheels – front, swivel and rear, as well as a dual brake.

Model standard equipment:

  • Cradles — 2 pcs.;
  • Seats for walking – 2 pcs;
  • Covers, raincoat, anti-mosquito coating in 2 copies.

In an effort to lighten the weight of the product, the manufacturer made the chassis in aluminum. Parents like that when folded, the model is compact, can fit in the trunk of a car, and does not take up much space at home. All textile elements are removable, easy to wash, and the seat belts are equipped with soft inserts for the comfort of the baby.

Popular model “train” ABC Design ZOOM Cuba

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Geoby SC705-X-RKFS

Some parents find it more convenient to walk with the kids, having the opportunity to watch both children who lie side by side. Especially if they have a similar character and sleep schedule. In this situation, it is better to choose the Geoby SC705-X-RKFS wide stroller model with double seats and cradles. Kids from the same height watch the world, see their mother well. When they grow up a little, the seats can be turned towards the traffic and give them a wider view.

Chassis width – 78 cm suggests wide paths for walking. Despite the impressive weight (20 kg), the stroller moves smoothly, without jerks and shaking. This is facilitated by the installed independent shock absorbers on large durable rubber wheels. For safety, the model is equipped with a removable soft bumper.

A huge plus Geoby SC705-X-RKFS parents consider the layout of the seats in a horizontal position for sleeping. The backs of the seats are comfortable for babies, they are autonomously adjustable, with seat belts. From bad weather, the stroller is covered with a large hood and a rain cover.

The folding system “book” allows you to allocate a small space for storing the model, it is quite compact when folded. Some mothers complain about the heavy weight, but note its off-road patency, snow-covered roads and ice.

Convenient and reliable Geoby SC705-X-RKFS

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Thule Urban Glide2

An interesting model was presented by Swedish manufacturers – a sports streamlined model for children from 6 months Thule Urban Glide2. The uniqueness of this stroller lies in the design of the chassis – the model is equipped with three huge inflatable wheels (∅30 cm front and 40 – rear). The manufacturer has released such an SUV specifically for sports parents who want to combine walking with jogging or rollerblading.

Everything is thought out in this model:

  1. Inflatable wheels for improved flotation and a smooth ride.
  2. High-quality suspension for unequipped and uneven roads.
  3. Height-adjustable non-slip handle.
  4. Full security and closed luggage compartment – when moving fast, there is no danger of losing children’s things.

This futuristic model has not only technical advantages, but is also extremely convenient for babies. The chairs are spacious, high, with a width of 32 cm. Since the model was produced as a running model, the seats in it are oriented in one direction – in the direction of travel. The seating position of the Thule Urban Glide2 can be adjusted for both sleeping and active contemplation of the world around you. So that mom can always watch the children while riding, transparent windows are built into the hood.

Users are satisfied with this model – it is not heavy (only 14.5 kg), optimal dimensions, easily passing through standard doors and elevators; when folded and with the wheels removed, it fits perfectly in the car trunk. The durable chassis can support babies up to 4-4.5 years old.

Swedish model Thule Urban Glide2

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Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Twin Classic Mod

Italian manufacturer Peg Perego has released the incredibly lightweight Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Twin Classico Mod. The design includes a number of options that make daily walks comfortable for mom and kids:

  1. Autonomous adjustment of each seat and individual hoods – one baby can sleep, the other can look at the world around.
  2. A special footrest helps to increase the length of the seat to a full bed.
  3. The safety of children is ensured by belts with soft inserts.
  4. Convenient footrests for self-climbing into the stroller.
  5. Adjustable handle – two main on the sides plus an additional central one, with which it is convenient to roll the folded stroller.
  6. Ease of folding like “umbrella”. Protection against unauthorized unfolding is provided.

The lightweight chassis is made of aluminum, so the weight of the model is only 11 kg, which is very good for a double stroller. At the same time, all the wheels of the model are dual, with double suspension, which gives it excellent maneuverability and smoothness. A convenient foot brake blocks the rear wheels, the design of the front ones is swivel.

High-quality durable textile elements are well washed, and a capacious basket is provided for things and purchases. Mothers of twins are happy to purchase this model – it is quite possible to cope with transporting it to the apartment on their own.

Comfortable and lightweight Peg-Perego Pliko Mini Twin Classico Mod

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Britax B-Agile Double

Britax B-Agile Double occupies a worthy place in the ranking of strollers for twins – in addition to walking chairs, it is easy to install infant carriers in it. The design of the model allows you to lower the seats to a horizontal position for a full bed. For older children, you can raise the seats to a comfortable level for them, and the autonomous adjustment of the seat height will help create their own conditions for a walk for each baby.

It is quite easy to drive the stroller, the manufacturer has provided the model with a wide, durable handle adjustable for height, which makes steering the stroller easy.

The weight of the model is small, only 13.2 kg, but the strong frame can withstand loads up to 40 kg. So children up to 3-4 years old can go for walks on this stroller. Dual front wheels with a diameter of 15.5 cm are equipped with a swivel and lock mode. The rear ones have a larger diameter (23.5 cm), all pairs of wheels have puncture-proof tires.

A hood made of materials with ultraviolet protection – each seat has its own, for the convenience of looking after the kids, transparent windows are placed in them. Mesh elements are placed in the hoods and seats for increased ventilation.

Many parents note the convenience of storing the stroller when folded – it remains upright and fits easily into any corner of the hallway.

Compact and reliable BRITAX B-AGILE DOUBLE

What to choose?

So which one is the best for twins? Many experienced parents advise choosing a stroller based on the temperament of the twins or the weather. If the kids are cocky and sometimes quarrel, then it is better to opt for the “train” model, where the seats are arranged one behind the other. If they are contemplative in nature, then you can stop at a wide carriage with twin seats.

In any case, be sure to take into account the weight of the model, and its dimensions. Not always a young mother will be able to use her husband’s help in preparing for a walk, sometimes she will have to cope on her own. So choosing a model for twins, you need to take into account all the parameters so that walking with the kids brings joy to all participants.

A comparison table of strollers for twins can help with this:


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