43206 LEGO Disney Cinderella and Prince Charming’s Castle

Among all the summer novelties for girls, the designer 43206 LEGO Disney Cinderella and Prince Charming’s Castle promises to be one of the most interesting content. This will happen, first of all, thanks to the characters.

As it became known, 3 mini-dolls will be presented in the game location:

  • beautiful Cinderella,
  • charming prince,
  • Lady Tremaine.

In addition, the set will include figures of animals – Gus Gus and Lucifer. That’s what makes the buildable set more of an impressive gift for young Disney princess fans. Of course, the presence of such a number of characters also corresponds to the main model of the designer with good detail in the elements, related items and accessories.

A large three-level castle built from cubes turns out to be of the following sizes:

  • more than 28 cm in height,
  • 25 cm wide,
  • 11 cm deep.

In general, this palace is designed for exciting games and fabulous events. For example, a child will be able to go to the atelier with Cinderella, change into a beautiful dress and arrange a real magical masquerade in the ballroom. By the way, in the toy castle the dance floor rotates, so it is quite easy to depict Cinderella’s dance with the prince.

With this playset, young princesses will be able to recreate many memorable scenes from the animated film. You can also always play new stories by inventing your own plots for the development of events.


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