40556 LEGO Mythica Set Coming September

A year ago, an attraction opened in the English Legoland in the city of Windsor LEGO Mythicadedicated to mythical creatures. Initially, this idea was born back in 2019, when The LEGO Movie 2 was released on wide screens.

Although the Danish company was counting on the great success of the film, the film was a complete failure. This fiasco is reflected in the opening of a new theme park in LEGOLAND Windsor, scheduled for 2020. In parallel, there was a delay in the release of a new thematic line of designers.

After 2 years, the company decided to return to this idea. In May 2021, a themed area with chimeras and other mythical creatures was opened in the English Legoland. Perhaps the most unique of all the attractions of LEGO Mythica was the so-called “Flying Theater”. Entertainment is a cinema, the audience of which, while watching a movie, “floats” in space, moving in accordance with the events taking place on the screen.

And now, after another year, it was the turn of the designers. The Lego company decided to recreate the attractions of the amusement park in the “world of blocks”. The original set will be released in September 2022 40556 LEGO Mythica with a special mark on the Legoland branded box. This symbol is supposed to mean that the prefabricated kit will be available only to visitors to branded amusement parks. But not a fact.

The owner of a prefabricated set of 520 parts is invited to build a game location called “Flight of the Sky Lion”.

It includes:

  • a copy of the arch through which visitors of the real LEGOLAND Windsor go to the Mythica theme area,
  • a couple of carnivorous plants,
  • figures of celestial lion Maximus and winged unicorn Bobs,
  • minifigures of two visitors to the park.

When assembled, the figures and designs are very bright and attractive.

New exclusive 40556 LEGO Mythica set coming this fall

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