4 new LEGO additions to Technic series in 2023

Fans of technical designers in 2023 will find many interesting and entertaining prefabricated toys. You come to this conclusion after reading the information disseminated on the Internet about the upcoming thematic novelties in the Technic line of the Danish manufacturer.

4 new LEGO releases for Technic fans in 2023

Constructor 42156 LEGO Technic Peugeot 9X8 Hypercar

Tech fans will be able to see the 42156 LEGO Technic Peugeot 9X8 Hypercar set in the first half of 2023. By the way, it promises to be the most expensive set of half a year – the price is 199.99 euros. Assembled from parts, the model, in fact, should replace the retired McLaren F1 racing car, presented in the kit under the number 42141.

It is assumed that the novelty will fully comply with its predecessor in terms of functionality. The car will also have full power steering, piston engine drive and possibly a switchable gearbox.

4 new LEGO releases for Technic fans in 2023

42151 LEGO Technic Bugatti Race Car

At the end of 2022, the big Bugatti from the set number 42083 leaves the car toy market. But fans of this brand should not worry too much, as the “brick” series will be replenished with a fresh version of the legendary sports car. This auto constructor 42151 LEGO Technic “Bugatti Race Car” will present.

True, the finished model in size will correspond to the cost of the kit – 49.99 euros. Naturally, there are not too many functions planned. Most likely, the matter will be limited to standard opening doors and a running engine.

4 new LEGO releases for Technic fans in 2023

42152 LEGO Technic Fire Plane

Also new for 2023 is the 42152 LEGO Technic Fire Plane set, priced at €99.99. Judging by the cost, the assembled model suggests a mechanical version of a specialized aircraft. With motorization, the plane would cost much more. Still, aircraft fans can look forward to some functional features in the buildable toy.

42146 LEGO Technic Liebherr LR 13000

The highlight of the 2023 selection is the 42146 LEGO Technic Liebherr LR 13000 set. He will present a giant model of a construction crane. Note that initially this toy was supposed to appear in 2022, however, for unknown reasons, the production date was pushed back to 2023.

Commentators suggest that this model of a crane built from Lego parts will be the largest in the “world of bricks”. This is hinted at by the cost of the prefabricated kit -449.99 euros. However, the kit consists of a relatively small number of parts – only 2882 “bricks”.

The high price is probably a consequence of the use of many electronic motorization components and remote control elements of construction equipment in the prefabricated project. Firstly, the crane is equipped with six powerful engines, allowing the giant to move on a flat surface, as well as perform loading and unloading operations typical for such equipment. Secondly, the toy is controlled using the Control + special application.

The noticeable difference in the number of parts and the high cost can also be explained by the fact that for the first time in the design of the lattices of the booms of the crane, new tips with a size of 7 × 17 are used. They greatly increase the cost of parts and at the same time reduce their quantity. In addition, 20 new items are expected to be included in the package of the toy, which will give a counterweight of 1 kg.

In addition to the building sets listed above, the following buildable sets will also be released in the LEGO Technic series in 2023:

  • 42150 “Monster Jam Monster Mongrel Dalmatia”
  • 42153 NASCAR Next Gen Chevrolet Camaro ZL1,
  • 42154 “Ford GT 2022”,
  • 42155 Batman Batcycle.

In general, the release of the most different thematic areas of technology is planned. Fans of the series will definitely be pleased!

4 new LEGO releases for Technic fans in 2023

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